Fast single mailbox solutions by MutantMail

Excellent one mailbox solutions today? This is my first review ever. It’s due to amazing support.I love the idea behind Mutant Mail, got it up and running on a domain in 5 minute. My registrar wanted to charge me for email. Mutant Mail let’s me create a ton of my domains their own email addresses and reply all from the same gmail address without it looking like, well, I’m replying from a gmail address. See even more details on one mailbox. Privacy & Security: Foundation built on Privacy and Security. Emails or your contacts are neither logged, nor stored with us.

It’s because we ask for your domain verification before your domain can be used in any way (and that requires a txt record). For domains that are already attached with us. They can be controlled by their own recipient/destination/control email ids only. Routing is maintained at the account level, domain level, and email id level. If an email id that is not a recipient email id, attempts to send an email for your domain, it will be discarded, and not sent. For any email id to be attached as control/recipient/destination email id, link authentication is used. Unless that destination email id is verified, it cannot be used.

You may be sending emails to people who have already opted out of receiving your email messages. Immediately reduce your email sending volume to under 200/day until you identify the problem for drop in rate. Protecting your Domain and IP reputation is paramount to staying in business. If you’re using a hosted email service, like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor, be sure to keep eye on metrics they provide. Creating a catchy and eye-catching subject line: The subject line is the first thing that potential customers will see, so make sure it stands out and makes them want to open the email. Your email campaign’s success depends on more than just the content of your message. The subject line is critical, as it’s the first thing potential customers will see. If it doesn’t catch their attention, they may never even open your email.

How can you guys work without SMTP, IMAP etc? It’s very simple really. We work at one level higher, at email level instead of nagging SMTP/IMAP etc. That means, when you hit that reply button on your recipient email id for any email forwarded by Mutant Mail. An email is sent from your recipient email id to our server, than we send one on your behalf with exact same content to your client, without them or you knowing about the process. Your recipient email id, cannot be traced back at all in the email.

Just like email plus sign (+) you can create email ids on the fly for any domain associated with Mutant Mail. Another advantage of using Mutant Mail is that it is much easier to remember than an email address with a plus sign. With Mutant Mail, you simply use your regular email address (e.g., as recipient and create your email ids on associate domain on the fly. This makes it simpler and faster to send emails to your contacts even with new email ids. Finally, using Mutant Mail provides a layer of protection against spam emails by ensuring all emails are from legitimate Mail server, verified on SPF, DKIM and DMARC record. Not just that, ever email on Mutant Mail passes through antivirus system to ensure, no malware or virus is attached to an email. Discover more info at

So, either migrate to MutantMail by removing the current provider’s MX records and adding MutantMail’s. or if you would like to keep using your domain with your current email provider then add subdomain of it to MutantMail such as This is because emails cannot be handled by multiple different mail servers at the same time, even if they have the same priority MX records. It can only be delivered to one mail server at a time which will typically be the MX record with the smallest number since this has the highest priority. Using a subdomain will not interfere with your current email setup and you’ll be able to create email ids like * through MutantMail.