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Quality on-demand interpreting provider Ventura, CA right now? With previous work for school districts and translation for Special Education Units, we are well-versed in the specialized language needs in the education sector.We can help with everything from simultaneous interpretation at complex resolution meetings with attorneys, parents and staff members, to board and community meetings.We can also perform document translation for Individualized Education Programs and review complex translated material – we have even trained other translators and interpreters on terminology, protocol and policies. See additional info at document translation over the phone and video provider Ventura, CA. Spectrum Translations equally strives to level the playing field for all stakeholders through an accurate and faithful rendition of the message.

At Spectrum Translations, we understand the need for accuracy and sensitivity when it comes to legal interpretation, translation, and transcription. As a certified court interpreter in California our founder Sandra Ledesma works extensively with the courts, legal firms, and private parties – in-person, or via video with our remote interpreting services. This can be conducted over phone, Zoom, Skype, Cisco, or any other online video chat system of your choice. For both in-person and remote services, we provide simultaneous and consecutive modes of interpretation, as well as sight translations.

Skilled translators aren’t just bilingual; they’re also specialized in a specific industry and technical topics. Our team at Spectrum Translation comprises individuals with diverse educational backgrounds, from the law to marketing, tech to medicine, and popular culture to more esoteric topics of interest. Each of our translators’ specialized expertise ensures that every document we prepare for you is knowledgeable, accurate, and written by experts in the field.

Hi, I’m Sandy, a certified court interpreter in California, I am also an experienced district translator, and I worked as a special education interpreter and translator for over 10 years before becoming a certified court interpreter. I founded Spectrum Translations in 2017 and chose the name in homage to those who formed an important part of my social education: Back in my college years, I volunteered as a note-taking assistant to students with disabilities at Long Beach City College. That was my introduction to working with people with special needs, although I prefer to think of them as people with special talents. I began my volunteer experience with the intent to help others. But I soon found out that it was quite the contrary. My students taught me how to develop greater empathy towards people who have trouble communicating clearly because of a speech impediment or lack of fluency in English. During that year, I realized that I had found my life’s mission: to help people who can’t communicate on their own. Find additional details at

Contracts: If your company does business overseas, you will probably need to enter into a contract in another country. You should write the contract in English first, then you should have the contract translated into the foreign language. This will ensure there are no gray areas in the contract. Corporate Documents: If your firm is based all over the world, you need to have all corporate documents and legal documents translated. These documents are vital no matter what the country. Just having your corporate documents in one language is not enough. This is even more true when your customers are from other countries. Be sure that all of these documents are translated by a legal translator so everyone understands them. Now that you know some of the benefits of legal translation services, you should not hesitate to get all of your vital documents translated as soon as possible.