Premium single mailbox server side solution 2022

Easy to use single mailbox providers today? A rare gem. Mutant Mail is a god send for those who manage multiple domains. It eliminates the need to setup multiple email accounts within email clients or check multiple webmails regularly as all emails are forwarded to a single email of your choosing. When one replies to an email, it gets sent out exactly as if it was sent via the domain owner (so the user has no clue any forwarder was used). Find additional information on how to reply forwarded email. Each email on our server passthrough Antivirus for Malware, Spyware and Virus scan. That’s on top of our spam/bot filter. Not only that, you can use our extensive rules to block spam at your account level.

Do you mind explain Recipient Email IDs? Recipient Email IDs mean the destination or control email id, where actual emails will be stored. This will be the inbox from where you receive, reply or send your email (can be Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail or anything else) outside the Mutant Mail system. Mutant Mail acts as a routing system in between your recipient email id and your destination email id, to ensure when you hit reply email is received by user coming from your domain and not from the control inbox. From field will be your domain’s email id always. If you want to set the name for your email ids, it can be set in the settings option.

Though it’s assumed text format email are safer than HTML emails, there are no stats to prove it. The amount of link and their relevance towards email is directly related to the email quality. Testing your email campaigns before sending: Email campaigns can be a great way to reach out to customers and promote your business, but if they’re not well-crafted, they can quickly fall into the spam trap. Before sending out your next email campaign, be sure to test it for potential spam issues. There are several things you can do to test your campaign and ensure that it will reach its target audience: First, use a spam checker tool such as Mail Tester, to scan your campaign for potential problems. These tools can help you identify common issues that can lead to emails being flagged as spam.

Does Mutant Mail Work with only Gmail as recipient or other emails work too? Mutant Mail works with any and every Email ID as their recipient email id. Including but not limited to Gmail, hotmail, yahoo, outlook, yandex, self hosted email etc. Only requirement for Recipient email id is, it should exist outside the Mutant Mail system. As it will need to hold all your emails. Can I send an email as well from my domains associated with Mutant Mail? Of course you can. But remember, our primary focus is to focus on the reply system instead of send system. As monitor and reply is the main hassle with owning so many email ids. And that’s exactly what we are trying to solve.

Just like email plus sign (+) you can create email ids on the fly for any domain associated with Mutant Mail. Another advantage of using Mutant Mail is that it is much easier to remember than an email address with a plus sign. With Mutant Mail, you simply use your regular email address (e.g., as recipient and create your email ids on associate domain on the fly. This makes it simpler and faster to send emails to your contacts even with new email ids. Finally, using Mutant Mail provides a layer of protection against spam emails by ensuring all emails are from legitimate Mail server, verified on SPF, DKIM and DMARC record. Not just that, ever email on Mutant Mail passes through antivirus system to ensure, no malware or virus is attached to an email. See even more details on

So, either migrate to MutantMail by removing the current provider’s MX records and adding MutantMail’s. or if you would like to keep using your domain with your current email provider then add subdomain of it to MutantMail such as This is because emails cannot be handled by multiple different mail servers at the same time, even if they have the same priority MX records. It can only be delivered to one mail server at a time which will typically be the MX record with the smallest number since this has the highest priority. Using a subdomain will not interfere with your current email setup and you’ll be able to create email ids like * through MutantMail.