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Currently listed at +1000 to win MVP (the fourth-highest odds in the league), Curry could be a wise bet for the future if you’re a believer that Golden State will eventually turn things around and return toward the top of the Western Conference standings by the end of the season. Doncic entered this season as the favorite to win MVP and he has certainly upheld his end of the bargain. The 23-year-old leads the league in scoring with 33.1 points per game and his 8.7 rebounds and 8.4 assists are right on par with his career averages. His four triple-doubles also lead the NBA, doing it all for a Mavericks team that has underwhelmed out of the gate.

This is where it gets tough. The top five players in the NBA are all very close and tough to break apart from one another in terms of skill. I put Kawhi Leonard at fifth only because of his approach to rest and injury. The concept of “load management” has been an issue in the NBA, especially since Leonard popularized it over the last two seasons following his quad injury and subsequent trade from the Spurs. Leonard isn’t on the floor all the time, but when he is, he is one of the top defenders in the league who can also score and pass at a high level. With two rings as the best player on two teams, Leonard can complete the trio this year by taking the Clippers all the way, and my money is on them as the title favorite.

Believe it or not, we’re already through the first quarter of the 2022-23 NBA season. That means we’re officially past the annual “small sample size” phase of the year, where trends and results begin to take shape and give us an idea of how things may shake out for the remainder of the season. While things can certainly still change over the remaining three quarters, now feels like the perfect time to take stock in this year’s MVP race. We’ve seen just enough to properly rank players based on their individual and team performances, but it’s still early enough that one bad week could drastically change the order.

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