Benefits of art and technology merging in 2022 with Barbara Jarabik

Effects of culture and technology synergy in 2022 with Jarábik Barbara : Modern technology has inevitably influenced the field of education as well, but probably not so radically. While the foundational system is still there, where a teacher instructs students, and students use their studies to learn and pass knowledge along to the next generation. On the other hand, the development of online educational programs had a fundamental shift on the interactions between teachers and students. Where the interactions often take place online rather than with physical presence, as it is the most adapted way during the covid times. Furthermore, with technology, particularly navigation to the internet, students have access to a wide sea of information to support their studies and expand their learning. However, as more and more schools provide their students with I-Pads or laptops, the need for standard textbooks will become non-existent.

Barbara Jarabik

In spite of pros and cons of technology, for the better part it has greatly helped to make our lives better. It has not only able to save our important resource as time and money but also has worked well in unifying the world by turning into global village which helped people to easily overcome their cultural, racial and continental barriers. The ease of connecting through technology and communicating online does have impact on culture locally and globally as more and more people choose to communicate online instead of person.

In some cultures (African and South Asian), they have a tradition in which people meet and discuss the various factors like visions, dreams and things which influence their day-to-day activities like economics, social and political factors (Zamora, 1990), but in the end of the meetings generally, it was observed that people come up with ideas, but they did not see how these ideas could be implemented. They took mobile phone cameras and documented various stories, traditions and cultural aspects that they were experiencing collectively, later they collectively watch these videos to inspire each others, slowly this use of the technology got spread and people started using the mobile phone cameras to document abuses and by this, they collectively rallied around issues which were documented by the use of such a technology which in social sciences is referred as “collectively call for collective action from below” (Olson, 1965). In this case technology found a new meaning, but to do this you need to trust communities, cultures & traditions.

Technology influences society through its products and processes, which consequently influences the quality of life and the ways people act and interact. On the other hand, social needs, attitudes, and values also influence the direction of technological development. For societies to thrive and evolve, technological innovations have become necessary. It has evolved over the last centuries from simple tools such as stone tools and basic books to complex genetic engineering, smart machines, and information technology such as TV, computers, and cell phones. As technological systems are invented by humans, they reflect the very essence of a population’s needs and culture. See even more info on Barbara Jarabik.

There are many technologies like computers, mobile phones iPad and many more which have also influenced learning culture (Marsick, 2003) let it be an organization or students. There was a time when people used to write and read the archives, which used to be the main source of information (Duff, 2002) but today we see that technology has changed the learning culture, this kind of change has helped to learn stuff more easily and to gather Data more easily, from a different perspective, many also argue this is affecting the thinking capability of the learner as they rely on technological equipment to do things (Koeber, 2005). Technologies in software, hardware, bionics, and various other fields have influenced cultures in different job profiles, starting from writers to artists to singers. Technologies have changed and integrated with culture of business, journalism, medicine and other fields.